• Hi, My name is Ritika Gupta, I have done B.Ed. from M.D. University through SSB Education. Nice Experience by SSB Education. They helped me a lot to do B. Ed.

  • Hi, I am Nitika Arora, did B.Ed. from M.D.U. under the guidance of SSB Education. Awesome Experience.

  • Neetu Singh wrote:    

    Hi, I am Neetu Singh from South Delhi, Vasant Kunj. I did B.Ed. by the guidance of SSB Education under MDU, Haryana. Very Supportive SSB Education.

  • Babita wrote:    

    Hi, I am Babita from Rohini, Delhi, did my B.Ed. programme under MDU with the help of SSB Education Society. They are like Mentor for me.

  • Neha wrote:   

    Hey, I am Neha from Noida doing B.Ed. from SSB Education through MDU, Rohak, Haryana. Very Awesome Experience.

  • Aaanchal wrote:   

    Hi, Myself Aaanchal from Janakpuri, Delhi. I was not aware about B. Ed. programme. They told me about the importance of B. Ed. Then I realized to do B. Ed. under SSB Education. Really Co-operative.

  • Deepika wrote:   

    Hi, My name is Deepika Yadav from Najabgarh ,New Delhi. I am doing a job in KVM School.I have done my M.A from JNU University & was searching a subtitle place for opened in market to do B.Ed. But when I contact to SSB education , I felt that they are So Reliable Source & then I decided to do  B.ED from SSB. Really wonderful Experience


  • Sonia wrote:   

    Hi, I am Sonia ghosh  from Delhi, Paschim  vihar .I left my study seven year ago due to some family problem Suddenly I got a job in a School but unfortunately had no B.ED degree. I Contacted to SSB Education  & They helped me to Enroll in B.Ed. Programme in MDU & then i did B.Ed. Marvellous Experience


  • Priya wrote:   

    Hi, I am Priya From Gaziabad. After completing My B.A  Programme  from Delhi University. I thought to shape my career in teaching field ..I  faced money problems to find a suitable place for B.Ed. but not satisfy that finally, I got the SSB Right path for doing B.Ed. Mind-blowing Experience by me.

  • Suman wrote:   

    Hi ,My name is Suman. I am from Rajasthan. It was not possible  for  me  to do B.Ed. from MDU Haryana. Because  I live in Rajasthan . Then I contacted SSB they helped me & motivated me to do B.Ed.Then I did B.Ed . Very nice Experience .

  • Ritu wrote:   

    Hi,I am Ritu from Patna. I was thinking o f doing B.Ed. Programme  but no one was there to guide me then I met with one person named  Anurag. He told me about SSB Education Society from where he did his B.Ed. I contacted & then I did my B.Ed. Really admirable SSB. 

  • Ganesh wrote:   

    I am Ganesh from Bihar. I was in confusion that where I should do B. Ed. then I searched on Internet there I found SSB Education Society. They gave me full support to do B. Ed. Really Supportive SSB..

  • Shimpi wrote:   

    Hi, I am Shimpi from Delhi. I am a teacher in one of Private School in Delhi. I am M.A. (Hindi) but not B. Ed. school was demading B. Ed. You know B. Ed. is so compulsory in Schools. Then my friend told me about SSB Education Society. There I Contacted & did B. Ed. Really Remarkable SSB.

  • Seema wrote:   

    Hi, I am Seema from Gujrat. You know how desperate I am for teaching but due to family problems I was not able to do teaching but SSB has given me support to do B. Ed. After doing that I got permanent job in a School. Really Thankful to SSB. They changed my Life.

  • Simran wrote:   

    Hello, I am Simran from Kolkata. I have never though t that I will do B. Ed. but my brother guided me to do B. Ed. Then I got the no. of SSB & did my B. Ed. programme. Really helpful they are.

  • Rajeshwari wrote:   

    Hi, I am Rajeshwari from North Delhi. One of my friend Meena was already doing B. Ed. from SSB. She told me about them, Then I also did B. Ed. from SSB Education Society. They are so good. Thanks.

  • Vikas wrote:   

    Hi, I am Vikas from Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, there I live. For Myself B. Ed. was a dream. I searched on Internet. There I found the no. of SSB. Then I talked to them. I am fully satisfied with their work. They worked very hard for their students. Really Thankful to them.

  • Meenu wrote:   

    Hi, Myself Meenu, I am housewife. I did my B.A. from Delhi University. Then I thought about B. Ed. programme. I talked with my hubby. One of his friend did B. Ed. from SSB. They are very kind really good.

  • Sunita wrote:   

    Hello, My name is Sunita Devi. I am from Jankapuri, Delhi. I have done my B. Ed. programme under SSB Education Society. Really Helpful.

  • Anil wrote:   

    Hi, I am Anil from Delhi. I was working in B.P.O. Sector & I thought to switvh my job & found this no. of SSB from Internet. Then I did my B. Ed. Really Good Experience.

  • Nisha wrote:   

    Hi, Nisha from Jaipur. I live with my sister in Jaipur. My Sister had done B. Ed. under SSB Education Society. She was fully satisfied. Then I also took the admission. I am really Thankful to SSB.

  • Dushyant wrote:   

    Hi, My name is Dushyant Words are not enough for SSB. They are really Great.

  • Puja wrote:   

    Hi, I am Puja. Wonderful Experience by SSB.

  • Bhushan wrote:   

    Hi, My I am Bhushan from Madhya Pradesh. I did my B. Ed. from SSB. Nice Actually they are.

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